• Melody Monogatari (Melody M)
LoveLive! School Idol Project
Nico Yazawa
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Photo by Yenra Photography

2015/06/04 12:14:08


photo by Yenra Photography

2015/05/27 07:26:52

We're full of energy,no brand!

Nico Nico Nii~
photo by Emoke Wynterheart Photography!

2015/02/10 12:33:17

We're having fun,but No Brand!

Nico is best Love Live. Rin is a close second.

This cosplay was a lot of fun to make and wear, I loved it!

2015/02/07 11:24:26

Magician Bunny Girl Nico

Photo by Katsuya Weller, HeadphoneStudios

2014/10/08 11:42:08

Bunny girl Nico

Photo by D. Brooks Photo82

2014/10/08 07:00:21

No Brand

Photo by: Aria Photography

2014/09/10 10:11:32

No Brand!!

Photo by: Aria Photography

2014/09/03 09:24:05