• Melody Monogatari (Melody M)


BRB, gotta go take out the Samurai

2017/06/22 01:41:46

Ashi, Daughter of Aku

Fun fact, I cannot see through this mask at all!

2017/06/22 01:38:56

Daughter of Aku

This cosplay was so much fun to throw together!

2017/06/22 01:36:38


This group was a lot of fun!

2016/02/25 23:59:38


This cosplay was a lot of fun! We had a full group. My one complaint is that I accidentally styled my ponytail on the wrong side \(*A*)/

2016/02/18 08:36:50

Asuka and Sapphire~

Photo by U.V. Photography

2015/06/13 10:12:58

Hibike! Euphonium

Photo by U.V. Photography

2015/06/11 11:00:36

Let me be your guiding star

Photo by Yenra photography

2015/06/05 23:52:34