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The Monkey Cosplay #3
Published by Charles Chew, about 1 year ago

Anime North (2017)

I am cosplaying as Sun WuKong (齐天大圣, 孫悟空) cosplay #3 from Journey to the West II (西遊記 II), 1998 - TVB Series.

花果山, 水濂洞, 美猴王, 齊天大圣, 孙悟空.

🌺🌼🍎🍇🍉🍓🍊🍋🏔️ 🐵👑

Cosplay photo taken by: Peter Wu Photography

Check out Peter Wu Photography page. (Y)

Charles Chew
Lisovski Leo > Lol. XD
Ryounyan (亮ニャン)
Charles Chew > You are welcome. Funny photoshoot. You must be always like that. 😍
Charles Chew
Lisovski Leo > Thank you! ^_^
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