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Login / New Registrations

The email address confirmation email could not be delivered.
If you have registered using a free email address, the confirmation email from Cure WorldCosplay might not get delivered. Gmail users who don't receive the email should check their spam folder.
The Twitter or Facebook account you have been using to log in has been deleted.
If you were only connecting through the deleted account, you will be unable to log in, and your account will not be restorable. Please use the contact form to make a request regarding deleted data or accounts.

Photo Submission

What are the requirements for submitted photos?
Photos allowed on our service: cosplay photos taken by you, photos of you, photos edited by you with permission, photos of you with other cosplayers published by you with permission of those cosplayers. Also, if your content is unsuitable for minors, please set your content to the proper rating. If rules are violated or if we feel the photos are unsuitable, the photos will be removed. Please understand that photos that are removed by us will not be notified of their reason for deletion.
I cannot upload a photo.
We accept photos no larger than 6MB, and the file format has to be either JPEG or PNG. If you still have trouble uploading photos, please write to us using the contact form, and provide information on your web browser and OS. If you see any error messages, include them in your inquiry.
The user I want to add doesn’t have a Cure WorldCosplay account.
You can still add them as non-members and there’s a choice to invite them to Cure WorldCosplay.
I can't find a character name or title for my photo.
Please try your search for a character name or title again in English (or Japanese).
I want to add several tags.
Please put commas (,) between tags.
What do you mean by “content unsuitable for minors?”

If your photos include any content that may be unsuitable for minors and fit any of the descriptions listed below, you will be required to set your content to a mature rating.
・Display or exposure of genitals, or extreme exposure of skin
・Sexually related, sexually implied, touching of genitals, intercourse, or sexual actions
・Images or ideology of extreme violence, mayhem, gore, guro, or imitation of such behaviors where it may cause danger or stimulate someone to do the same


Dashboard? What’s that?

The dashboard is a page where you can view new arrivals of photos and Instants posted by you and/or users you follow in a chronological order.

Unselected user tag? What’s that?

Those photos were uploaded by other users and are waiting for your approval because those users tagged your account.
You can reject or approval the photos to control which photo will be linked to your account.

What are non-members?

When photos are uploaded to Cure WorldCosplay, there’s an option to tag or add other users to the photos.
When you add a non-member to the photo, you can send them a URL to approve their name usage on your uploaded photo.

Instant Photo

What is an Instant?

Cure WorldCosplay's Instants function allows you to upload clothing, photo shoot previews, cosplays you plan to wear in the future, etc--casual photos.
Instants are spontaneous uploads that will be deleted after three days automatically.
*Likes on your photo will last up to one week and can still be seen from your timeline.


What is a recommended photo?
This feature lets you select your favorite shot from among past photo submissions and have a large version of it displayed on your profile page.
I want to change the URL of my profile page.

To change your URL, you’ll need to confirm your email address. After you’ve confirmed, you can change your ID in the settings and your URL will be reflected on the change.

Submitted Photos

Can I confirm the photos I clicked like for?
Yes, you can confirm in My Likes. Pressing the heart icon adds the photo to your likes. You can access your likes using the drop-down menu at the top of the page.
Why has the number of views for my photo gone down?
The view count is based not on cumulative data, but on the number of views over the past thirty-day period, so the total number can go down.
Who can see my photos?
Anyone, both members and non-members of Cure WorldCosplay, can see your photos. If you have any photo(s) that you don't want everyone to see, please do not upload them. Also, to protect minors from viewing content unsuitable for them, you may be prevented from viewing certain content until you specify your birthdate.

Private Message

Creating Conversations
Go to the user’s profile and click the message icon or visit the general message page to search for a user and send a message with “Talk to…” If the user disabled messaging, you will be unable to send them a message.
Group Conversations
To create a group conversation, first create a chat with one user. On the top right, click the button to bring up another window to add another user. Search for the username you wanto add and add them to the group chat.
Enable or disable messaging

You can enable or disable messaging. On the settings page, go to “Privacy” and then “Messaging settings.”
Options you can choose from:
- Allow everyone
- Someone that followed by you
- Deny everyone

If there’s a user you don’t want to recieve messages from, you can block that user. To block a user, go to the conversation you have with them and click the block button next to their name. However, if you’re in a group with a blocked user, you can still see their messages until you leave that group.
Why won’t my message go through?
If you’re sending a message to a user who disabled messaging, you won’t be able to send a message to them.


I want to delete my account.
If you terminate your account, all user data will be deleted, including the photos you have submitted.
I want to change the email address registered with my account.
Visit the settings page, where you can change your email address in the user information section.
About specifying your birthdate:
You can only set your birthdate once. We will use your set birthdate to hide content unsuitable for minors if you are a minor. Please do not enter your birthdate incorrectly.