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Throwback post!
Isabel is Color Me Kawaii cosplay
Erwin is Mr. E cosplay
Photo by Yenra Photography

We were a Farlan short, but maybe we'll have one next time

2015/03/09 02:08:47


Photo by Yenra Photography

2014/10/21 10:09:58

A Choice with No Regrets

I finally got to meet this amazing person and we were able to cosplay together! Gazelle is from Puerto Rico, but managed to make it to a convention in Virginia. It was a lot of fun!

2014/09/15 05:38:40

Wings of the Counter Attack

Photo by John Konwinski (https://www.flickr.com/photos/95301842@N03/)

2014/08/18 13:18:55

Wings of the CounterAttack

Photo by: Yenra Photography

2014/08/18 06:54:47

Wings of the Counter Attack

Eren cosplayer is Mikasa Edwards Cosplay

2014/08/11 10:23:45

Was doing a new makeup test and decided to do a university student version of Levi with my new sweater and this happened.

2014/03/24 21:55:09
2014/03/21 23:08:02